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I agree that I will use these datasets solely for non-commercial research, statistical, or educational purposes and NOT for investigation of specific research subjects or commercial gain  (i.e. by reselling, redistributing or republishing licensed content).

I agree that I will  NOT use these resources to attempt to directly or indirectly identify any research subjects with the aid of other information acquired elsewhere, or to allow third party(ies) directly or indirectly identifying any research subjects with the aid of other information acquired elsewhere

I agree I will make no use of the identity of any research subjects discovered inadvertently, and to advise of any such discovery

I agree that I will NOT transmit, disseminate or otherwise making online content  from this resource available to any other users

I agree that I will  NOT use the materials in any way prohibited by applicable laws

I agree that my access to these data is contingent on my active affiliation as faculty, staff or student with UC Berkeley, and I will cease to use these data when my affiliation ends.

I understand that some uses of the data may require approval of the Berkeley Office of Human Subjects. I have looked at the guidelines and (select one option below)